Lesson Options Menu

Authors can access the Lesson Options dropdown menu by clicking the gear icon on the unpublished or published lesson page. From this menu you can change the playback settings of the lesson, adjust who can access the lesson, and share the lesson to the public Gallery!

Lesson Settings
The Lesson Settings allows you to add introductory text and control how viewers interact with the lesson. The Intro Text will appear on the start screen of the lesson. This should be a few sentences to help prepare the viewer for what they are about to watch. More information can be found in this Help Center article.

Zaption Pro authors also have the ability to control whether or not they would like viewers to skip forward or back while watching the lesson. If the author chooses to not allow viewers to skip forward, they can also require responses to each question. More information on skipping permissions can be found here. Authors are also able to prevent viewers from adjusting the playback speed of the video. 

Lesson Permissions
The Lesson Permissions panel allows authors to manage who can view and edit the lesson. However, these settings may be overridden by Community Management Permissions. There are two tabs - Viewers and Editors.

The Viewers tab give authors control over who can view the lesson and includes a link to the lesson.

  • Anyone with this link can view the the lesson without logging in - By default, anyone with a link to the lesson can view and respond. Viewers will simply be asked to enter their name prior to viewing the lesson in order to track their responses. It’s important to note that viewers will not have access to the lesson until it has been published. If you are using an LTI key to add Zaption lessons to an LMS, users will automatically be logged in and tracked. 
  • Only logged-in users with this link can view the lesson - Zaption Pro users can require viewers to login in order to view a lesson. When a viewer clicks the link to the lesson, they will be prompted to login or create an account before they can view the lesson. The benefits of this setting include more accountability for viewers and better Analytics tracking across lessons.
  • Only specific users and groups listed below can view this lesson - Zaption Pro users can also restrict lesson access to only individual users and groups. This can be done by typing the email of the user or the group name in the search box and clicking the + to select the user/group. The individuals or groups who are able to view the lesson will be listed in the box at the bottom of the modal. More information about Groups can be found in this Help Center article.

The Editors tab allows authors to share editing and Analytics privileges with other authors. By default only the original author of the lesson can access the unpublished lesson or the lesson Analytics. However, authors can add individual users or groups in this tab for others to edit the lesson and access viewer responses. This is a great way to collaborate with colleagues and share results with other instructors. More information on sharing editor privileges can be found here.


Copy Lesson
Copying allows you to make an exact clone of a lesson in which you have authorship rights. After selecting Copy Lesson you will be taken to the lesson editor page for the new version of the lesson. The title should say (copy) at the end. This feature allows you to make multiple version of the same lesson for different sections of a course, edit a lesson you have previously used, or differentiate learning within a group of students. More information on copying lessons can be found here.

Edit Lesson
Selecting Edit Lesson will unpublish the lesson, allowing for changes to be made to the original. This will also clear all responses in the Analytics that have been collected. Learn more here.

Post to Gallery
Once your lesson is published you can post it to the Zaption Gallery for everyone to enjoy! Just add a description and tag it with keywords to make it easy to find in Gallery search results. Finally, select at least one category and age level before posting to the Gallery. You can always visit your lesson in the Gallery to edit the information.  

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