Archive (or at least reset/delete) Analytics

During the creation and testing of a tour, Zaption gathers analytic that could water down the results.  It would be helpful to have an option to archive the analytic data and associate with a group.  For example, you could compare and contrast two different sections of the same class to see if the results were different.  Or you may choose to use the same tour for different course, but don't want to start cloning tours across sections/classes.

Or at least the ability to reset, or delete the analytic data associated with a tour since one could download/export the results before doing so.

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    Fiona Nowlin

    We are currently in the process of being able to delete specific analytics from tours. Alternatively, you can unpublish and republish a tour when you are ready to share it with "real' viewers and no longer need the testing analytics. Thanks for the input!

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