Add Videos to Lessons

Finding great video content for a lesson is easier than ever! Quickly search over a dozen online video resources and the My Videos page of your account in one easy step. Check out the Create a Lesson tutorial to see this in action!

In addition to searching for videos on Zaption (instructions below), there are several other ways to add videos to a Zaption lesson. All users are able to uploading to YouTube through Zaption and add an MP4 URL. Zaption Pro users are able to upload video directly to Zaption's servers.

Search for Content
Once you click New Lesson on the My Lessons page, you will be greeted with a modal to search for videos to add to your lesson. Enter a keyword to search for videos on YouTube or Vimeo, or paste in the URL of a specific video found on one of those sites. 

If you're not sure what to search for, there are suggested topics listed at the very bottom of the modal. Or select 'browse your videos' to look through videos that have been added to your account or have previously been added to a lesson.

If you already have a YouTube or Vimeo video URL, copy/paste this URL into the search box to bring up the video. Video must be public or unlisted in order to be added to a Zaption lesson.


Select a Video
After searching for a keyword or phrase, results are pulled from all over the web and any videos that are listed on the My Videos page in your account. Results for YouTube, Vimeo, and YouTube channels for great videos, like PBS and National Geographic, are immediately available, including the number of results for each source.

By clicking the More button, you can select other YouTube channels to display on the last tab.

Add to a Lesson
When you select a search result, you are able to quickly preview the video, plus see the length, upload date, and number of views for each video. Once you've found a video you would like to add to a lesson, click the Add This Video to Lesson button.

Zaption Pro users can add more than one video to each lesson. To add more videos to your lesson, simply click the Add Video plus sign on the video clips bar and you will return to your most recent search results.

Change the order of the videos by dragging the thumbnails on the clips bar to rearrange them. This can be done even after adding elements.

Duplicate or trim a video to only play a section of the entire video.

Add a transcript or import subtitles to your video to provide closed captioning for your viewers.

If you no longer want a clip included in your lesson a video can be easily deleted by selecting the trash can icon located in the upper left corner of the video pane. 



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