Add Elements to a Lesson

Once you've added a video to a lesson, you can begin creating an interactive video learning experience by adding Elements. All of the available elements are located at the top of the lesson editor.


There are eleven elements that can be easily added to lessons. Click here to learn more about each element. (link coming soon!)

All Zaption users have access to all 11 elements! This includes Text Slide, Image Slide, Drawing, Open Response, Numerical Response, Multiple Choice with feedback and branching, Check Boxes, Drawn Response, Discussion, Replay and Jump. 

Adding elements to a lesson is easy!

Step 1: Identify the time within the video you would like to insert an element and be sure the video is paused.

Step 2: Drag the element from the Elements bar at the top of the lesson editor and drop it into the video pane or the sidebar, wherever you would like the viewer to see the element. 

Tip: You can have multiple elements to the same time in a video, by adding elements to both the video pane and sidebar, or layering elements on top of each other.

Step 3: Add information to your element. Depending on the element, you will have the option of writing a question for a Open Response or Multiple Choice question, inserting an Image Slide or Discussion prompt, or mark something of interest on the video with the Drawing element.

Step 4: Adjust the Element Settings. Here you are able to control the Position, Behavior, and Duration of the element.

  • Position Setting: Display the element on the video pane to overlay the video or on the right sidebar.
  • Behavior Setting: Choose to allow the video to continue playing when the element begins or have the video automatically pause and have the user press the play button to resume the lesson.
  • Duration Setting: If applicable, adjust how many seconds the viewer sees the element.
  • Background: If the element is over the video pane, there are three different options for the background - Transparent, Semi-transparent, and Black.


Step 5: Continue creating your lesson by adding more elements!

Tip: You can adjust the location of your elements by using the copy/paste shortcuts of your keyboard. 

Check out this quick tutorial of How to Create a Lesson!



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