How do I edit or trim a video?

Only want to use a section of the video you added? Great! You can quickly duplicate and trim videos in the lesson editor. Check out this quick video tutorial to walk you through the process:

Trim a Clip

Change the start and end points of a video you are using in a lesson by clicking the Trim button over the video pane. There are two easy ways to select the new start/end points of the video once the Trim settings are open.

Jump to Playhead: If you navigate to a point in the video you would like the clip to start/end, you can then click the orange arrows to move the trim handle to the current location. This is great for making a very precise trim. 

Drag to Trim: Click and drag the trim handles to the desired start/end time.

You can use the forward and back buttons to toggle between the start/end times and preview your clip. Once you're happy with the clip, click save and you're done :)

Tip: You can always go back and edit the trims you made to the clip. You will never "lose" any of your video.

Duplicate a Clip

All Zaption users can duplicate a video they have added to a lesson. Simply open the Video Settings and click Duplicate Clip. This will create an exact copy, including the existing start and end time, of the video into the clips bar. You also have the option of renaming each clip to reflect the material covered in that specific clip in the Clip Name field.

Cut the Middle Section of a Video

If you would like to trim out something from the middle of the video you will first have to duplicate the clip in the Video Settings. Once you have two separate clips of the same video, you can trim each of the clips to exclude the middle part of the video. 


For example, let's say you had a 10 minute video, but wanted to cut out minutes 4-6.

  1. Add the video you would like to use to an interactive video lesson. 
  2. Click Trim and select the first half of the video you would like to use, minutes 1-4. Save the trim.
  3. Open Video Settings and select Duplicate Clip. This will add another copy of the video into the interactive video lesson.
  4. Trim the second clip down to the second portion of the video you would like to use, minutes 6-10. Save the trim.
  5. Now when the video plays, the video lesson will play minutes 1-4 and minutes 6-10. 


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