Add Subtitles to a Video or Lesson

Subtitles, or closed captioning, can be added to a video or lesson by uploading an SRT file or importing subtitles from YouTube in the Video Settings. The Video Settings can be accessed while you're creating a lesson, or from the My Videos page. Learn more about sharing ownership of a video in this Help Center article. Captions will only appear in videos of existing lessons if you unpublish the lesson, but will automatically appear in any new lessons with this video. 

Adding a Transcript File 

By selecting Video Settings while creating the lesson, or from the My Videos page, you can importing a SRT transcript for a video and it will automatically sync with your lesson. It's important to note that the file syncs with the original length of the video, which may be different if you have trimmed the video in Zaption. 

Import Subtitles from YouTube

You can add subtitles from a YouTube video by clicking the "Import YouTube Subtitles" from the Video Settings. This will automatically play the subtitles of the YouTube video for all viewers of this video.

While Zaption only imports English titles from YouTube, you can instruct viewers to turn on subtitles in a different language. Closed captioning for YouTube videos can be turned on by clicking the YouTube logo in the lower-right corner of a video. This will bring you to the video posted on YouTube where you can select ‘CC’ on the play menu. If the video has subtitles in multiple languages, select the language you would like to appear. This will now display the captions of this video inside of Zaption, but only for your browser.

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