Share a Video Lesson

There are many ways to share published or unpublished video lessons with viewers and other authors.

For more information on sharing lessons with the iOS Mobile Player App, please see this Help Center article.

Check out this tutorial video to learn more about the different ways to share a video lesson:

Once you have published your lesson there are a few different ways to share with viewers. It’s important to note that viewers will not have access to the lesson until it has been published, but publishing the lesson does not make it public until it has been shared using one of the following methods.

Share Modal

First, click the Share button on the published lesson page. The easiest way for any Zaption user to share a lesson with viewers is to send the shortened lesson URL. Once viewers have this link they can view the lesson. By default, they will only have to enter their name prior to viewing the lesson.

There are two different types of embed code available, an iframe embed, and a modal. Learn more about embedding lessons here.

Zaption Pro users are able to share this lesson with their Groups. To share a lesson with a group, start typing the group name, once it’s selected members will automatically have access to the lesson. Learn more about Groups here.

Google Classroom

Authors can now share Zaption lessons directly to their Google Classroom from the Share modal. More information can be found in this Help Center article.


Lesson Permissions

There are two tabs of the lesson permissions, Viewers and Editors, which can be found in the dropdown menu of published and unpublished lessons.

The Viewers tab give authors control over who can view the lesson and includes a link to the lesson. There are three options:

  • Anyone with this link can view this lesson without logging in -  This is the default setting that allows anyone with a link to access the lesson. This is the only setting available on Basic accounts.
  • Only logged-in users with this link can view the lesson  - Pro users can require viewers to create an account and login before viewing the lesson before they can view the lesson . This gives authors more information about who is viewing and makes tracking analytics across multiple lessons much easier.
  • Only specific users and groups listed below can view this lesson  - Pro users are able to give access to only approved viewers. This can be done by typing the email of the Zaption user or the group name in the search box and clicking the plus sign to select the user or group. Only users and groups listed in the box will be able to view the lesson .

Zaption Pro users can share authorship and Analytics of a lesson with other users from the Editors tab.

  • Only I can edit this lesson  - By default, only the original author of the lesson can access the unpublished  lesson and Analytics.
  • Specific users and groups listed below can edit this lesson - This option allows other authors to edit or copy the lesson  and access the Lesson Analytics, which is a great way to collaborate with colleagues or share results with other instructors. This can be done by typing the individual email or the group name in the search box, just like in the Viewers tab. 

Copy a Shared Lesson

There are several options copy a lesson for your own use that was shared with you by another author. More information can be found in this Help Center article.

LTI Integration

Zaption Pro users also have their own LTI keys to integrate Zaption with an LMS, like Canvas or Schoology. The individual LTI key can be found under LMS integration in My Account.

Even if the lesson does not require login, lessons added with an LTI key will ask users to login the very first time. After this initial link, users will be automatically logged into Zaption through the LMS. Zaption Pro Campus users have an LTI Auto-Provisioning option for an even more seamless experience.

Zaption Gallery

One final way to share a lesson with others is to Post to the Zaption Gallery. From the published lesson page, just select Post to Gallery. add a little more information about the lesson and click Post. A copy of this lesson will be shared to the public Gallery for everyone to enjoy and it can be edited from the lesson page in the Gallery.

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