Why isn't this working?

Here are a few common issues that could result in unexpected behavior.

My lesson isn't playing smoothly
Occasionally, the videos in lessons don't play as smoothly as we would like. This is usually a function of bandwidth, or how fast of an Internet connection you have. The Zaption elements are tied directly to the specific moment in the video, meaning Zaption waits to know that the right moment of the video is visible to you before showing an interactivity. This is sometimes noticed if you are skipping through the elements quickly, have a lot of elements placed really close together, or a few really short video clips. That said, we are constantly working on ways to make the viewing experience as smooth as possible to account for these sorts of issues.

My lesson isn't loading
If you are experiencing issues with a video failing to load, such as a spinning loading symbol, the Zaption timeline not moving, or all the elements being added to the very beginning of the video, this could be related to YouTube's API. Alternatively, this could be related to network filters. 

However, we have a few troubleshooting that may help. 

Verify the Source: Check to see whether it is only YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, or both.

Update your Browser: Remember, Zaption has been optimized for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Clear your Cache

Restart your Browser

Test Both Sites: You can then test by viewing this Zaption lesson and the original video on YouTube.

If the video still fails to load on Zaption, we recommend waiting and trying again later and then contacting us if the issue has not been resolved. More information and troubleshooting tips can be found here. We're committed to helping you create great lessons!

I can't add elements
Some users have experienced trouble while creating lessons on Safari and Internet Explorer, particularly while adding elements to lessons. There are known issues with Safari and applications that rely heavily on JavaScript, such as Zaption. Zaption has been optimized for recent versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, we don't recommend creating Zaption lessons on an iPad or tablet. 

For more information on the technical requirements for Zaption please click here.

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