How can I share a lesson with another author to edit?

Zaption Pro members have the ability to share ownership of a lesson with another Zaption user or Group. The original author of the lesson will still be listed as the owner of the lesson, but any editor has the ability to edit the lesson and view the Analytics.

While a lesson cannot be seen by viewers until it has been published, you can give another Author access to your lesson when it is published or unpublished. 

Step 1: Select Lesson Permissions from the options dropdown menu.

Step 2: Click the Editors tab, and select Specific users and groups listed below can edit this lesson.

Step 3: Begin typing the name or email of the Author, or Group name, you would like to add as an editor. Once you have selected the user, click the + to add them to the list of editors below. The lesson will now appear on their My Lessons page and they will have access to the Analytics and the ability to edit the lesson.

If you would like to have separate Analytics, just select Copy Lesson from the menu to get a brand new, unshared copy of the lesson. Learn more about Lesson Options or creating copies of video lessons

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