How do I edit a published lesson?

Changes can be made to a published lesson by selecting Edit Lesson from the options dropdown menu. However, you will lose all of the responses that have been collected on the lesson once it is unpublished.


Editing a lesson removes existing responses that have been collected to date. The ability to truly edit a lesson without unpublishing or copying could invalidate any of the responses that have already been collected. If you are concerned about losing responses you have already collected, there are two ways to edit an existing lesson without losing any analytics.

Option 1: By selecting Copy Lesson from the dropdown menu, you will create an exact copy of the lesson and open it will open in the lesson editor. Here you can edit the lesson, and republish the updated, separate version of the lesson. The original lesson and analytics remain unchanged and you can copy as lesson as many times as you would like.This will create a new link, unique to this lesson. This is a great option if you are updating a lesson for a new semester, but would like to keep a copy of the original. This is a Zaption Pro feature.

Option 2: If you prefer to only have one version of the lesson, you can download/save the CSV of analytics before unpublishing. This will give you a backup of the responses, just in case, without creating a new copy of the lesson. You are then free to unpublish and edit the lesson. This is a Zaption Pro feature.

If you are not concerned about saving the lesson analytics or haven't shared the lesson with anyone yet, you can simply edit the lesson. This will take you to the Lesson Editor page, where you can make your edits and republish.

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