iPad & Android Tablet Support

When viewing Zaption video lessons on an iPad, iPod, or iPhone we highly recommend using the Zaption iOS Mobile Player app.

Zaption video lessons can also be accessed via a web browser on iPads and tablets, but keep the following limitations in mind.

1) Use the iPad/tablet only to view video lessons. While other parts of the Zaption interface may work, they aren't optimized for tablets or iPads. We recommend instructors use a laptop or desktop computer when creating and sharing video lessons or when viewing Analytics. 

2) Videos from YouTube and Vimeo may require an initial tap on the video before Zaption's play/pause controls become usable. Vimeo videos require this tap in a small spot in the lower-left corner. This is a result of how videos are streamed on mobile devices. This must be re-done every time a new video is loaded into the player. We have clearly marked overlays to instruct the viewer, but this is a limitation of mobile devices. More technical information can be found here and here.


3) The "Start" overlay functions similar to item two. The video will start buffering once you tap Start, but the overlay will remain on the screen until the video has buffered enough to play. This can make it feel laggy on a slow connection - but be patient, the video will play shortly :)

4) As is true with Zaption in general, we recommend using Google Chrome. However, some users have had success with the Puffin browser app. You can also use Safari if you turn off the default privacy settings.

5) Given the size of the Zaption player, we recommend locking the rotation to landscape mode.


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