Accounts for Users Under 13 Years Old

We take user privacy very seriously at Zaption, especially for our younger users.

By default, Zaption does not require users to login to view a video lesson. Students simply enter their name or any another unique identifier when prompted before a video lesson. This can be their first name, their initials, a number or any other unique identifier that the instructor will recognize. Zaption does not hold any personal information on students when they enter their name, but the instructor still has a unique identifier to track the students in Lesson Analytics. This is the best method to use if you are concerned with student privacy.

When instructors want better student tracking, Zaption Pro users can require their students to login with a registered account. Before asking students to create registered accounts you may want to talk to your school administrator to make sure you follow school policies. Students can create a registered account with a simple email address and password, or they can use their existing accounts with Google Apps and Edmodo. Click here to learn more about student privacy.

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