How do I share lessons to the Zaption Gallery?

Posting your lessons to the public Zaption Gallery allows other educators to view and copy your awesome lessons! This is also a great way for Zaption Basic users to share new copies of lessons with colleagues. There are three easy steps.

Step 1: Select Post to Gallery from the options dropdown menu. 

Step 2: From here you will add a little more information about the lesson and click Post.

  • Title and Description: The original lesson title and intro text will automatically populate these field. However, you may want to make them more general and remove any information that was specific to your use case, like the section or unit number.
  • Keywords: Enter a few keywords related to the video or topic to help users find the lesson in search results. Separate each word with a comma.
  • Category: Select at least one Gallery category. Options include Arts & Culture, Business, Current Events, DIY, Teacher PD, Engineering, ESL, Fun, How to, Language Arts, World Languages, Law, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Other.
  • Level: Select at least one grade/age level. Options include PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Higher Ed, Professional Training.

Step 3: A copy of the lesson has now been added to the Zaption Gallery and other Zaption users are able to copy the lesson to share with their students. None of your Analytics will ever be visible to other users. If you would like to edit the information or remove the lesson from the Gallery, just visit the lesson page in the Gallery and select Edit Info.


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