Redeeming a Coupon Code

If you have received a promo code for Zaption, there are two easy ways to redeem the coupon. Woo!

Method 1: Using a Registration Link

If you have been giving a registration link to redeem a coupon code, it should look something like this:

If the user already has a Zaption account...

...and the user is logged in to Zaption, once they click this link the coupon will automatically be applied to their account.

...and the user is not logged into Zaption, they can click the Member Login button in the upper right corner, and upon login the coupon will be applied to their account.

If the user does not have a Zaption account...

They will be asked to create an account, entering their full name, email, and password, plus a little bit of additional information on a second page. Once their account is set up the coupon will be applied to their account. Occasionally the link will need to be clicked again after creating an account for the coupon to be added.

pre-paid_1.png  prepaid_2.png

Method 2: Manually Enter the Code 

If you already have a Zaption account, you can enter the coupon code under Account Setting Just select the Membership Plan tab, scroll down to the Redeem Coupon field, and enter the code. The coupon will be added to your account. A coupon code can only be redeemed once per user.



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