LTI Integration

Integrating Zaption into an LMS Using an LTI Key

You can easily add Zaption to a learning management system (LMS) by using our LTI integration. This enables Single Sign-On for all users between your LMS and Zaption as well as the ability to select and play specific Zaption lessons in an assignment. Additionally, the LTI integration allows you to export scores to your LMS gradebook for graded items, like the multiple choice element. The following article and videos help you set this up in Canvas, but we also have documentation for Schoology, Blackboardand Moodle.


We have a deep integration with Canvas, and have tested other platforms as well, but it should work great with any LTI compliant LMS. The LTI key and configuration URL allows you to add Zaption as an External Tool. Zaption is currently listed as an EduApp for Canvas by Instructure. These additional LTI extensions include a button in the rich text editor that allows instructors to browse through their published Zaption lessons and easily place them into any assignment, discussion, module, or anywhere with a rich text toolbar.

Zaption Pro users can access their private LTI key under the LMS Integration tab of Account Settings. Enterprise clients with Community Management can contact with Zaption administrator for their organization's LTI information. 


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