What is Zappy's story?


Zappy is our office mascot, who may or may not be a bear. 

Zappy's story started twenty years ago when he was born in the North Pole to a conservative polar bear family. He quickly realized he was different from the other bears. Every other bear had legs that faced downwards, while his faced sideways. None of the other bears were made out of foam, either.
So when the Wu-Tang Clan released "C.R.E.A.M" in 1994, Zappy left home and traveled south towards the United States to meet his heroes. After a winding 19-year journey, he got confused and stopped short of his goal at the CREAM ice-cream-sandwich shop in Berkeley. From the academic environment that he developed a love of learning, which led him to join us here at Zaption.
It was either that, or he was once part of a weird Russian social-mobile-local startup that went out of business, and we picked him out of obscurity from an accelerator's basement trash pile. But we prefer the first story.
Anyway, one part of the first story is definitely true, which is that his love of learning led him to join Zaption. We're making tools that help teachers by allowing them to create more engaging experiences with video. Be sure to give us a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter to keep with the latest on Zappy.
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