How do I upload videos from my computer to Zaption?

There are two options for uploading your own video to use in Zaption. All Zaption users can upload an unlimited amount of video to YouTube. Zaption Pro users can upload directly to Zaption's servers. This is a great option if there are special filtering or security considerations for your video.

Videos can be uploaded by selecting Upload Video from the Videos dropdown menu or the My Videos page, and selecting Zaption or YouTube.

Upload to YouTube

If you select YouTube, you will be asked to login to your YouTube/Google account the first time you upload a video. You must have a Google account that is linked to your YouTube channel in order to upload videos. Be sure to check for pop-up blockers! If you are having trouble with this step, please see this article for troubleshooting tips. 

Next, select whether you would like to upload a file from your computer or record a video with your webcam. More information about supported file formats can be found here.


If you select Upload a File, you will be asked to select the file from your computer, but if you select Record with Webcam you will have to authorize the connection. Once you have selected or recorded the video, it will upload to your YouTube account. All videos uploaded to YouTube through Zaption will be posted as unlisted videos. This means the video cannot be searched for on YouTube, but the exact URL can be used by Zaption. More information about privacy can be found here.

The video will automatically be added to the My Videos page on your Zaption account. When the video is done processing on YouTube, you will be able to find it in My Videos or from the My Videos tab of the Add Video modal while creating a lesson.

If your videos are already posted on YouTube, you can copy/paste the video URL into the search box of the Add Video modal when creating a new lesson to add the video to Zaption.

Alternatively, you can upload videos to Vimeo and copy the video URL into the Add Videos search box on Zaption. The paid Vimeo subscriptions will give you slightly more control over your videos. Additional privacy settings are available with paid Vimeo accounts. Learn more here

Upload to Zaption

Zaption Pro users can upload 120 minutes of video to Zaption's servers and Pro Test Drive users can upload 30 minutes during their trial. Pro users will receive an additional 120 minutes of upload time for each year they purchase Zaption Pro. Upload time is different than storage time. For example, if you upload a 10 minute video, you will have 110 minutes of remaining upload time even if you delete the video. Videos uploaded will remain stored in your Zaption account unless you delete them. 

To upload a video to Zaption, select Zaption from the Upload Video modal. On this modal you will be able to keep track of how many minutes you have uploaded. This information is also available in Account Settings.

Select a video from your computer to upload to Zaption. Once it's done processing, it will be available on the My Videos page and on the My Videos tab of the Add Videos modal.

If you would like to make your video available to other Zaption users, you are able to share ownership.

For larger clients, Zaption can build a custom integration with a private video repository for Zaption, like Kaltura. Learn more on our pricing page. Video upload to Zaption is also available for site license users. Learn more about Community Management Video Upload here.

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