Community Management - Auto-Join Links

The Community Management panel is a control panel that will appear on the Zaption account of the administrator(s) of each site license.

In addition to the manual or bulk upload methods of adding new users to your community, an administrator can also add new users and migrate existing Zaption users to their community with the Auto-Join Links. There are three ways in which a user can be brought into the community: 1) as a Pro Author Instructor; 2) as a Pro Author Student; or 3) as a View Only Student. Once the member is added to the community you can adjust their role. For example, changing an Author to a Community Administrator.

In order to bring an individual into your community, simply send the appropriate member access link based on the classification you want that individual to possess. 

Once an individual has clicked on their respective member access link, they will see the following screen: 


For existing Zaption users: 

  • Instruct the user to click the "Already a member" login to enter their credentials
  • Members will be prompted to accept the change to their account by joining the community

For new Zaption users:

  • Instruct the new user to create an account by entering their information, or by signing in with a login option, like Google, Facebook, or Edmodo.
  • New Authors will be asked to provide a few more account details, and will then have access to their account

If you wish to add guests to your community:

  • Share the Guest Access Link that can be found under the Guests tab
  • The guest will be prompted to login, and will be greeted by a banner that confirms they have been added as a guest to the community
  • Please note that you will only have this option if you have chosen to have a closed community

For more information on the roles of community members and guests, please see this article.

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