Community Management - Bulk Add Users

The Community Management panel is a control panel that will appear on the Zaption account of the administrator(s) of each site license.

On the Community Management panel, there are two different ways to bring instructors and students into your community. The first way is to utilize the auto-join links. For more information this method, please click here.

The second way in which members can be added in bulk is to download the template CSV file from the Members tab of their Community Management panel. Once the CSV file is downloaded, you will notice five separate columns that must be filled out for a successful upload.

First/Last Name: This is the name that will appear in the upper right corner of each member's account. Capitalization and spelling are important, but the user can change their name under Account Settings.

Email: This must be a valid email. For community members under the age of 13, please enter an email of a community administrator in case the viewer needs to request a password reset. For more information on student privacy, please see this article.

Password: You can set the password for the members you add. This password must be at least 8 characters long. Users can change their password under Account Setting when they login to their account, or Administrators can change the password by selecting Edit in the member list.

Role: Select the role you would like the member to have. Permissions may vary between between instructors and students.

  • Instructor: This role should be given to any user in the community who will be creating and sharing content with others.
  • Student: This role should be given to users are mostly viewing content, and not the primary instructor for courses. They still have the option of creating content based on their account type setting.

Account Type: Select the type of account you would like the user to have by entering one of these roles, viewer or author.

  • Viewer: Member will only be able to view Zaption lessons that have been shared with them. They will not be able to create lessons.
  • Author: Members the ability to create and share lessons, in addition to view all content shared with them.

For more information on community member roles, please see this article.

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