Community Management - Settings

The Community Management panel is a control panel that will appear on the Zaption account of the administrator(s) of each site license. This panel allows administrators to adjust and change the community’s name and login timeout. Please note that only those community members designated as administrators will have a community management panel associated with their account.

Community Name: Any community administrator can change the name of the community. This name will appear when you invite new and existing members or guests to your community, as well as in the Organization/School field under Account Settings for all members of the community.

Login Timeout: Control the amount of time you would like to pass between the moment a member logs into Zaption to when their session expires. It's important to note this time is counted from the time the user logs into Zaption, not the last time they were active on the site. This can be helpful if many of your viewers are using shared devices.

After each change, be sure to click the Save button and changes will be reflected immediately.


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