Community Management - Manage Members & Guests

The Community Management panel is a control panel that will appear on the Zaption account of the administrator(s) of each site license.

Community administrators can add and manage user accounts, permissions and sharing, and community videos and lessons with the Community Management panel. This is also where LTI keys are stored so that administrators can incorporate Zaption into their LMS.

A community member account is part of the overarching community and completely controlled by the community administrators. These accounts are included in the community members count number. Members cannot independently renew or deactivate their account or apply a coupon code. Community members will never be asked for billing information. Essentially, members are part of your walled community garden.

Members and guest of your community can have different roles, or levels of permissions. Community Admins can set and change the role of community members. Guests who join the community retain their role, but the community admin controls the level of authoring or viewing privileges of community guests.

Members of your community will be brought into your community based upon the auto join link you share with them. For more information on adding members with auto join links, please click here. The following are the various roles a member within your community can have.

Community Admin

Admin accounts are Authors in addition to having control over the Community Admin panel. Within the panel, Admins can control community-wide permissions, add and manage member accounts, and give guests access to the community.

Pro Author (Instructor or Student) 

Author members and guests of the community can create and share Zaption lessons. Their level of sharing permissions will determine whether they can share their lessons outside of the community or to the Gallery. Only those accounts associated with an Instructor will count toward the number of permitted instructors within each community.

View-Only (Student) 

Viewers within the community can take any lesson that is shared with them. Please note that these accounts do not count toward the number accounts permitted within the Community. Only the number of instructors in each community count toward community limits.

Community Guests

Community administrators have the option of allowing guests access to their community. Guest are individual Zaption users who can access your private community content, if given permission. You do not pay for or manage these accounts. Guests do not count against the number of community members purchased under the site license, but the community does have control over the permissions of these accounts within the community. Guests are responsible their own accounts and can be members or guests of multiple communities. Currently, guests cannot be given granular permissions within the community.

For more information on adding new and existing Zaption users are members or guests to your community, please see this article.

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