Can I require viewers to login?

Yes! By default, anyone with a link to a lesson can view it without having to login or create an account. However, Pro authors have the option of requiring viewers to login to a Zaption account before viewing a lesson.


To require login before viewing a lesson, select Lesson Permissions from the options menu and select Only logged-in users with this link can view this lesson. When you share the link, viewers who are not already logged into Zaption will be prompted to either login or create an account and then they can immediately view the lesson! Viewers will also be required to login to view the lesson if you select the third option, Only specific users and groups listed below can view this lesson.

While not requiring a login is a great way to quickly share lessons with viewers, you may want to require login to keep track of who is viewing your content. Click here to see an example of lesson that requires login.

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