Is my progress on a lesson saved?

Yes, if you didn't have a chance to complete a lesson, your progress and all of your responses are saved for 30 days from the last time you visited the lesson. 

When you revisit a lesson that you started less than a month ago, but did not reach the final screen, you are greeted with a message, like below:

You can then start the lesson over or resume where you left off. In both cases, any previously entered responses have been saved and will be displayed. If you edit your response, the new response will replace the previous one in the Analytics. The previous response will no longer be visible once it is changed. Your lesson progress is saved unless the Author unpublishes or edits the lesson. 

If you are responding to an open lesson while not logged in to Zaption, location and all previous responses are only stored if the viewer is remembered by the browser. 

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