Can I prevent viewers from skipping forward or backward?

Yes! Authors can control viewers' ability to skip forward or backward through the lesson. This feature doesn't automatically force viewers to respond to each element before moving on, but this is also an option. Under Lesson Settings in the options dropdown menu, there are three options for skipping functionality.

Allow users to skip:

Forward and backwards: This default option gives the viewer complete freedom to skip through the video and the elements. 

Backwards only: This option forces the viewer to watch the lesson from beginning to end, but gives them the option of skipping back to a part of the lesson they have already viewed. 

Not at all: This option forces the viewer to watch the lesson from beginning to end without the ability to skip forward or back in the lesson. The viewer must respond to each element when it appears as they will not be able to navigate back. It is recommended that you check the Require response to all questions at the bottom of this modal when using this setting to remind viewers to respond to the question. 

You will notice the forward and back controls are now missing from the player. You may want to include a text slide at the beginning of the lesson to notify viewers of the skipping permissions.

Require Responses
Authors users also have the ability to require users to response to each element before moving forward in the lesson. Once you have set the skipping permissions to Backwards only or Not at all, you can require responses by checking the box next to Require viewers to answer all questions

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