Why can't I sign-in to YouTube?

If you're having trouble logging into YouTube through Zaption there are a few things to try:

First, check your account settings to determine whether your school blocks YouTube content. If so, enable Zaption's YouTube's Filter Bypass. For more information, click here

Secondly, try closing out of Zaption and navigating back to the Upload Video option once you've reloaded the page. Occasionally with Chrome, the site must be re-started in order for the sign-in to YouTube process to be complete. Alternatively, check to make sure there aren't any pop-up blockers that could be interfering.

If you are still unable to upload a video after restarting the browser, please go to this website and revoke access to YouTube for Zaption. Simply select Zaption and then click Remove to the right. Once you have revoked access, please clear your cache, verify the any ad/pop-up blockers are off, and close the browser. Finally, open a new browser window, login to Zaption and try to sign-in to YouTube from the upload modal.

If you're still unable to login to YouTube, please let us know and we'll look into it! You can always upload your videos directly to YouTube and copy/paste the video URL into the Add Video search box. More information can be found in this Help Center article. 


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