Zaption Site Licenses

Pro Classroom vs Site License Subscriptions

Zaption site licenses are designed for organizations that have at least 10 instructors and 500 students using Zaption each year. If you have less than 10 instructors or 500 students, please purchase a Pro Classroom subscriptions for each individual instructor using a credit card. Pro Classroom subscriptions are designed for a single instructor to use with the students enrolled in their own personal classes. Pro Classroom subscriptions are not for sharing video lessons across an entire site, department, conference, etc. 

Site licenses are designed for larger implementations where multiple teachers on a site want to use Zaption Pro across multiple classes. A Zaption site license has a number of advantages over individual Pro Classroom subscriptions, including:

Every teacher and student get Pro accounts (a campus can downgrade students to "View Only" if desired).

Volume discounts as the number of users increases.

 Access to Zaption's Community Management tool. This helps site admins manage accounts and gives you granular control over content created by your users. Learn more about Community Management here.

 Centralized billing with the option to use purchase orders.

 Ability to add more users at any time with pro-rated billing.

 One virtual training workshop for your staff.

 Priority email support.

Site License Pricing

Site licenses are designed specifically for K12 schools and accredited Higher Education institutions. Check out our pricing page to see different plans, custom options, and get an instant estimate. With an annual site license, Zaption charges a flat subscription fee based on the total number of teachers and students at a site who will use our service over a 12 month period. That could be site wide (like a whole school or district) or a subset of a site (like a university program).  The per user fee varies depending on the number of teachers and students at your site. The more users you have, the more you save. For example, an education organization with 1,500 students might get a 25% discount per user, while a site with 30,000 students might get a 50% discount. 

Additional Details on Site Licenses

An annual site license contract can start at any time. It lasts for 12 months, and we usually activate your account within 48 hours of receiving a signed P.O. or payment. A site can add more user accounts at any time, and Zaption will simply pro-rate the new users for the remainder of the contract year.

Although sites are paying for a specific number of users, Zaption will NEVER cut off your service if you go above your user license count. As long as you are a customer in good standing and you stay within 10% of your paid licenses, we will not charge any extra fees. We will simply adjust your license count in your next annual contract to reflect your actual usage. If your number of users consistently exceed 10% of your paid licenses, Zaption will contact you to add more accounts at a pro-rated fee for the remainder of your contract. You can easily track your user numbers in the Community Management tool, so if you notice you are getting close to your max licenses, you can always reach out to us as well. :)

A single organization can have more than one site license. For example, different university programs on the same campus may want to purchase their own site licenses. Whenever possible, we encourage organizations to purchase one site license for the entire organization to ensure they are not paying twice for the same users and to make account management easier.

Account Types for Site Licenses

With a site license, every instructor at the site is given a Zaption Pro Author account allowing them to access all of Zaption's advanced features. Pro Authors can create an unlimited number of engaging video lessons, share them with all their students, and track student progress. It also includes use of our LTI tool to integrate Zaption with your Learning Management System.  You can see all the features of Zaption Pro here

Every student covered under a site license gets a Zaption Pro account by default. This means that students can view all the video lessons created by their instructors AND they can create and share their own video lessons. Site admins can easily change a student's account from "Pro Author" to "View Only" in the Community Management tool. 

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→ If you want to dive deeper into Zaption's feature set, browse through the Zaption Knowledge Base, including our video tutorials.

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