Frequently Asked Questions of TIMSS Video Users

Where are the TIMSS videos in Zaption?

The TIMSS videos can be found on the My Videos page. At the top navigation menu, select My Videos from the Videos dropdown menu. From this page you can browse, search, and preview all of the TIMSS Math and Science video lesson collections. You can even add one of the videos to a new lesson by clicking the '+' on the video thumbnail.

How do I make the videos into lessons?

When you’re ready to make a Zaption video lesson using one of the TIMSS videos, select New Lesson on the video thumbnail from the My Videos page or select the New Lesson button on the My Lessons page. Once you’re in the lesson editor, you will be greeted with the Add Videos modal. Select the ‘Browse your videos’ option to choose a video from the TIMSS Math or Science collections. For more information on how to create a Zaption lesson, please see this quick tutorial.


How do I turn on closed-captioning?

Captions from YouTube videos can be imported from Video Settings. More information can be found in this Help Center article. Alternatively, closed captioning for the TIMSS videos can be turned on by clicking the YouTube logo in the lower-right corner of any TIMSS video inside Zaption. This will bring you to the video posted on YouTube where you can select ‘CC’ on the play menu to turn on the captions. Once the Zaption page is reloaded, the captions of this video will now display inside of Zaption.


How do I share lessons and view the responses?

Once you have published a lesson, it is ready to be shared with viewers! More information on the different ways to share a lesson can be found in this Help Center article, but the easiest way is to share the lesson link. By default, the viewer will only be asked to enter their name prior to viewing the lesson. This allows you to know who viewed your lesson and see their responses in Analytics. Once viewers have responded to the interactive elements, you can view the information by clicking the Analytics button on the published lesson page. More information can be found in this Help Center article. 

How do I create a Zaption lesson?

A quick video tutorial can be found here and check out the examples found in the Zaption Gallery.

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