How to Use Zaption Gallery Lessons

The Zaption Gallery contains a growing library of FREE, high-quality, interactive video lessons that you can instantly copy and customize for your students. Gallery lessons are produced by experienced K12 and Higher Ed instructors as well as a select group of content partners. Anyone is able to view lessons, but once you have a Zaption account you can copy lessons to share with viewers. If you find a lesson you would like to use with your students, simply click Copy Lesson and customize any of the elements to fit your needs before publishing to share the lesson with students.

Students should not be directed to the Gallery by an instructor to view lessons, as the viewer responses will only be collected if you copy the lesson to your account.

Of course, you can also make any of your original Zaption lessons available to other educators by sharing to the Gallery. You may even be featured in our weekly email or blog :)

Looking for something specific? Request a new topic to be added to the Gallery!

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