Why do the lesson viewing times look inaccurate?

For lessons that were published before April 2014, you may notice that the Average Viewing Time in Analytics is inaccurate. Prior to March 27 Zaption did not collect the total time a viewer spent watching a lesson. If you created a lesson before April 2014 and would like to accurately collect view time data, we recommend you un-publish the lesson and re-publish it. Be sure to download a copy of the existing responses first! Alternatively you could simply clone the lesson and start with a fresh set of data.

In the images below, the left is an example of accurate data. The graph to the right is an example of a lesson that is inaccurate, because while there were viewers of the lesson, none of the view time was collected.

view_time_2.png view_time_1.png

 For more information about Lesson Analytics please see this article. 

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