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Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40.svgZaption makes video come alive with engaging and interactive video lessons. With Zaption's mobile player, you can now learn with video on the go! This free app is for anyone to view Zaption lessons on any mobile iOS device with an operating system of 7.0 or later. If you want to create and share interactive video lessons, head over to on a laptop or desktop computer.

Using the Zaption mobile player app is easy!
Instructors create lessons on a desktop or laptop computer. Viewers can take the lessons on a computer or mobile iOS device, including the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Once the lesson has been shared, instructors can view the Analytics on the computer.

Sharing Lessons with the Mobile Player App

Once a lesson has been published, there are three easy ways to share the lesson with viewers on the mobile app.

Share a Lesson Link
If a link to a Zaption lesson is accessed by a viewer on an iOS device they will have the option to open the lesson in the iOS or download the Zaption app.

When a link is accessed on an iPhone or iPod Touch:
  • The page will not display the lesson, as Zaption lessons cannot be played in the browser on an iPhone/iPod. Instead, the lesson title and author is displayed, along with "Download on App Store" and "Open in iOS App" buttons.
  • When the lesson page is loaded, the user will be asked if they have the iOS app installed on that device. If they select No, the app is not installed, they will be redirected to the App Store. If they select Yes, the app is installed, they will be redirected to the Zaption app and the lesson will open. This setting will be remembered and automatically redirect users to the app next time they click on a Zaption lesson link.

When a link is accessed on an iPad:

  • Since Zaption lessons can be viewed in a browser on an iPad, a message will display above the lesson. The viewer will have the option to download the app or view the lesson in the app if it has already been installed.

Share the Lesson Shortcode
Each Zaption lesson has a shortened lesson URL with an 8 character shortcode that can be shared with viewers to enter in the mobile app. Once a viewer has logged into Zaption on the mobile app, if they click the + in the upper right corner of the My Lessons page, they can enter the 8 characters shortcode found at the end of the shortened lesson URL ( and have access to that lesson. Alternatively, if the lesson is open, viewers can select “View lesson without logging in” on the login page and enter the lesson shortcode. 

Create a Group
Zaption Pro users can create a Group on the web interface for their students to join. Instructors can then have viewers add the Join Group code on the My Groups page in the app. Alternatively, viewers can click the Auto-Join Group link while on a computer to be added to the Group. Viewers will then have access to any of the lessons that are shared with that Group on a mobile device or computer. More information about Groups can be found in this Help Center article.



What are the compatibility requirements?
The Zaption mobile player requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It has been optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

How do viewers login?
Viewers can login with their existing Zaption accounts, or with their Google, Facebook, or Edmodo logins, or by creating an account with an email, username, and password. 

Do viewers need a Zaption account?
No, if the Zaption lesson does not require viewers to login, viewers can select “View lesson without logging in” on the login page and enter the lesson shortcode. 

I've downloaded the app, but where are my lessons?
If you are new to Zaption as a viewer, an instructor must share a lesson  with you to view. You should be directed to a lesson link, a lesson shortcode, or you will be asked to join a Group. If you already had a Zaption account, all of the lessons that are listed on the My Lessons page on a computer, will be available when you login to the app.

Does Zaption Presenter integrate with the app?
Zaption Presenter does not currently integrate with the iOS Mobile Player app, but viewers are able to respond to presentation in a browser of any device.

Is there an Android app?
Not yet! You can currently view a Zaption lesson on Android tablets (OS 4.2+) in a browser, and we recommend Chrome. We want to make Zaption very mobile-friendly and have plans to release an Android app in the future.

Will the app always be free?
Yes. Forever!

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