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Zaption Presenter
With Zaption Presenter, any video lesson you've created and published can be projected at the front of the room or streamed live for online presentations. Viewers join the presentation on their own devices to respond individually as they watch together. Instructors get real-time data and can add questions on the fly. See Presenter in action or learn more in this Help Center article.

Farewell Tour
As of December 2015, the interactive video lessons created with Zaption are no longer referred to as Zaption Tours. We've officially changed to name to 'lesson,' but feel free to call them anything you like :)

Zaption users are able to add a web-optimized MP4 file to a lesson with a direct URL. Learn more in this Help Center article.

Upload to Zaption
Zaption Pro users can now upload 120 minutes of video directly to Zaption! Pro Test Drive users are able to give it a try with 30 minutes, too. Learn more about uploading video to Zaption here.

Adjust Playback Speed
Viewers are able to increase or decrease the speed of a Zaption lesson. This option can also be disabled by the lesson author. Learn more here.

Math Formatting
Mathematical formulas, symbols, and expressions can now be added to Text Slides and question fields. It even supports LaTeX! Check out this article for details. Additionally, authors can now assign correct or incorrect answers for math formatting questions which can also be passed back to an LMS if you are a Pro user!

Share to Google Classroom
Authors can be share their Zaption lessons directly to their Google Classroom from the Share button. Learn more here!

LTI Auto-Provisioning
Campus Pro users can now use the LTI integration to automatically create accounts for users who join Zaption through the LMS - no need to enter sign-up information! Learn more about LTI Auto-Provisioning in this Help Center article.

Zaption in Spanish, French, and Hebrew
Zaption is now available in three new languages. Learn more here!

LMS Gradebook Export
The LTI integration now returns scorable items back to the LMS gradebook. The LTI Gradebook integration will work with any LMS that accepts LTI keys. This tutorial is for Canvas, but we also have documentation for Schoology and Moodle.

Element Group Controls
It's now easier than ever to navigate between slides in an element group. Check out an example of the new controls in this lesson!

Print Responses
Viewers are now able to view, change, and print their responses at the end of a lesson. More information can be found in this Help Center article.

Lesson Options
We've updated our interface on managing who can view or edit your lesson, how viewers interact with the lesson, posting lessons to the Zaption Gallery, and sharing! It's now easy for Zaption Pro users to simply copy/paste the code for our embed options, too! Learn more in the this Help Center article.

Copy/Paste Elements
Authors can quickly copy and paste elements while creating a Zaption lesson using keyboard shortcuts. Paste elements to a different time in a lesson, or a new lesson entirely. Learn more here!

New Clip Trimming
We made clip trimming even easier (and prettier)! Learn more in this Help Center article.

Add animated photos, or GIFs, to your image slides! The gif will loop for the duration of the slide. See an example here!

YouTube Subtitle Import
You can now import subtitles from YouTube and they will display for anyone who views the lesson. More information can be found in this Help Center article. 

Open Gallery
The Zaption Gallery is now open to the public! Anyone can now browse and search through the lessons and quickly sign-in to copy the lessons to use in their own classroom.

Check-Box Scoring
Lessons that contain one or more check box elements with correct or incorrect feedback are now automatically scored. Viewers can see their score at the end of the lesson, and authors can see each viewer's score in Analytics.

Multiple-Choice Scoring
Lessons that contain one or more multiple-choice elements with correct or incorrect feedback are now automatically scored. Viewers can see their score at the end of the lesson, and authors can see each viewer's score in Analytics.

Post-Lesson Feedback

Viewers now receive a summary of their responses after completing a lesson. This feedback includes the score of the multiple-choice elements, as well as a summary of all of their responses and the option to change their answers.

Group Lock Feature
Administrators of a group can now lock the group, preventing new users from joining the Group. Learn more in the Groups Help Center article.

Mobile Player iOS App
With the Zaption mobile player, you can now learn with video on-the-go! Students can watch shared videos lessons from the convenience of their own devices, and teachers can track engagement and responses with Zaption Analytics on their computer. The app is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Learn more here!

Refer a Friend
With our new Refer a Friend program, users can earn up to 12 months of Zaption Pro for free by sharing Zaption Pro with new users. For each referral, you and a friend will get a 2 month Zaption Pro upgrade.

LTI Key Access
Zaption Pro users, even on a Test Drive, can now access their unique LTI key information under Account Settings. Learn more here!

Mute Audio
You can now mute the audio of any video clip!

My Lessons & Collections
The My Lessons and My Videos page have gotten a major facelift, which includes more intuitive Collections. Learn more in this article!

Text Formatting
Text slides now have formatting options! Authors can underline, bold, or italicize text, change the font size and justification, and even add a link to another webpage! Plus the element settings allow you to choose between a transparent or a solid black background for text slides overlaying the video.

Zaption Basic is now FREE! 
That’s right - everyone can now create engaging video lessons with Zaption for free, including students! And if you want to play with Zaption’s more advanced features, you can take a 30 day test drive of Zaption Pro at any time. 

Updated Analytics
Lesson Analytics just got a major upgrade! Authors now have a beautiful new data dashboard, can filter data sets, see responses by viewer, and more. Plus Zaption Pro members can download a CSV file with all responses, or a separate CSV file for each individual response element, including discussions.

Prevent Skipping and Require Responses
Authors now have even more control over how viewers interact with their lessons. Under the Lesson Settings menu, there are now options to prevent viewers from skipping forward or backward in a lesson and requiring each question to be answered before the viewer can move on. 

Real-Time Discussion Element
The discussion element now updates in real-time, much like a chat feature. This allows viewers to see everyone's comments and replies immediately. Cool, huh?

Lesson Ratings
Viewer can now rate the quality of a lesson out of five stars after they have completed watching the lesson. Only the author of the lesson can see the rating from their viewers in the Analytics of the lesson. This is a great way to collect feedback on the design of your lessons!

Embed Lessons
Zaption users have several options for embedding Zaption lessons! The two main embedding options are the JavaScript Overlay and the iframe Embed. In addition to these options, we have an LTI integration to 'embed' Zaption into an LMS. More information about embedding Zaption lessons can be found in this Help Center article.

Software developers can now use the Zaption API to integrate and extend the Zaption platform. Want to display lessons as an iFrame in your LMS? View lesson analytics in your own app? Automagically create simple lessons? Done. Done. And done. Ping us at contact@zaption.com for more info.

Require Viewer Login
By default, all lessons are open and do not required viewers to create an account before viewing the lesson. However, Zaption Pro authors have the option of requiring viewers to login before viewing the lesson. This makes tracking progress across lessons much easier. Learn more here!

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