My Lessons & Collections

My Lessons

When you first login to Zaption you are taken to the My Lessons page. This is where you will find all of the lessons you have created or have been shared with you. Quickly see the Analytics and share a published lessons, or edit lessons in draft mode. This is also were you can filter, search, and organize your lessons into Collections. 


My Videos 

The My Videos page has a very similar interface to My Lessons. This is where all of the videos you have added to a lesson from YouTube or Vimeo, or uploaded through Zaption will be found. These videos can also be organized into collections.


Collections is a way to organize your lessons or videos and they work more like labels, rather than folders. Create a new collection by selecting the +New option next to the collection on the left sidebar. Once you name the collection, which can be renamed at any time, you can begin dragging lessons or videos into the collection. To move the lessons, click and drag the arrows icon in the title bar of the lesson. Once you drag a lesson into the collection, a link to the original lesson is created. This lesson will stay on the My Lessons page as well as appear in the collection. Lessons can be in multiple collections. 

Remove a lesson from a collection by selecting the dropdown menu on the upper right corner of the lesson thumbnail. If the lesson is deleted from the My Lessons page, it will be deleted from all collections, too. Don't worry - there's a deleted folder in which you can undelete items for up to five days. 


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