How do I use my private Vimeo videos in Zaption?

We understand that you may want to use Zaption with videos that you would like to be private. While videos must be hosted online and accessible through Zaption, like unlisted YouTube videos, Vimeo Pro gives you more options to keep your video secure. 

Settings for Vimeo Pro Videos
If you have a Vimeo Pro membership, here are settings for private videos on Vimeo to be accessible through Zaption. These options are not available with the Basic or Vimeo Plus memberships.
You must deactivate Private Mode in the Vimeo account settings by unchecking the Activate Private Mode checkbox. Then check "Hide this video from” on the Video privacy settings. You may also need to make sure that if you restrict embedding, you allow
It's important to note that you can still default your videos to “Hide this video from” even with Private Mode off, by going to your account’s Video settings.
The simple rule is: if you can go to the video URL directly while not logged in to Vimeo, it should work in Zaption! Remember, you can copy/paste the Vimeo video URL into the Add Video search box to add the video to a Zaption lesson.
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