Does Zaption work with web filters?

Yes. While the current trend is in favor of not restricting videos sites, Zaption can work with web filters even if your school blocks YouTube or Vimeo.

It is now possible to determine whether your school blocks YouTube content and, if so, turn on Zaption's YouTube Filter Bypass. For more information, click here.

It is also possible to configure your filtering platform to allow “embedded videos” or “whitelist” specific videos to work properly in Zaption. Given that Zaption streams all of the videos each time the lesson is played, the video must be hosted on the web. In this case, the videos are teacher-curated content that students could only access through Zaption.

If you are unsure whether embedded YouTube videos are blocked by your filters, check out this website. If you are able to see and play the video, embedded videos are not blocked. It may be possible to allow embedded videos in Zaption to play with your filters.

Here are a list of sites that must be unblocked in order for Zaption to be fully functional:

The following sites must be unblocked only if you would like viewers to use these services to login/create Zaption accounts.

There are even more domains that may need to be unblocked to make Zaption fully functional. Please drop a note to for the full list.

Additionally, there are several other ways to use Zaption even if YouTube and Vimeo are blocked by your network.

  • Zaption Pro users are able to upload 120 minutes of video directly to our servers. This is also available for site license users. More information can be found in this Help Center article. 
  • Any Zaption user can add a web-optimized MP4 video directly to a Zaption lesson. More information can be found in this Help Center article.
  • Google Apps for Education users may be able to configure their settings to allow instructors to whitelist YouTube videos for their students. More information can be found in this article.

Alternatively, there are some web filtering companies, such as Securly, that seamlessly handle this for your school.

Finally, it is possible to create a custom integration with a private video library, such as Kaltura. Learn more about the plans that offer this service on the pricing page.

For more information on how to best give your viewers access to videos through Zaption, please speak with the technology director in your district. 

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