Zaption Languages

Zaption is now available in French, Spanish, and Hebrew! If your computer is set to one of these language, you will be automatically directed to Zaption in that language for all browsers. There are also direct links to each of the translated webpages:

Be sure to log out of your Zaption account before clicking on the links above in order to be taken to the translated page.

How do I change my default language?
There are two ways to change your default language for Zaption. There is a dropdown menu in the page footer, which allows you to select your language. Alternatively, if you’re logged into Zaption, you can change the language in Account Settings. This will apply to all Zaption pages, but only for the current browser you are using.


See an error in our translations?
Let us know! We have provided a link at the bottom of the webpage so you can alert us to incorrect or awkward translations, or feel free to drop a note to

Note: We are currently only able to offer support in English.

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