How do I clear responses?

When you no longer need responses in a lesson, you may want to clear them before sharing the lesson with a new group of viewers. There are two options to get a lesson with clear Analytics. Both options will allow you to make any updates to the lesson for the next set of viewers.

Unpublish/Edit Lesson
If you select Edit Lesson from the options menu, the lesson will go back to its unpublished state and all responses collected up to that point will be cleared. Once you republish the lesson, all Analytics will be zero-ed, but the URL of the lesson will remain the same. If you are a Zaption Pro user, please make sure you have downloaded the CSV files of the Analytics if you are interested in keeping a record of those.

Copy Lesson
Alternatively, you can select Copy Lesson from the options menu and an exact clone of the lesson will be created. This will give you a new lesson, with clear Analytics, and a new link to the lesson. You will not lose any of the Analytics from the old lesson, but you will have to distribute the new link. 

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