Schoology LTI Integration

As with other learning management systems (LMS), integrating Zaption into Schoology using our LTI key allows: Single Sign-On for all users between your LMS and Zaption, the ability to select and play specific Zaption lessons to assign to students, and the integration of scores from a Zaption lesson and Schoology’s Gradebook. This is a Zaption Pro feature.

1) In your course, select External Tool Providers from the Course Options dropdown menu, located beneath the course picture.

2) Select Add External Tool Provider and enter the appropriate credentials in the fields that appear.

Tool Name: Zaption
Consumer Key and Shared Secret: Your unique LTI keys
Privacy: Send Name and Email of user who launches the tool
Configuration Type: URL/XML
Configuration URL/XML:

3) After you submit your credentials, Zaption will now appear as an External Tool Provider.

4) Zaption has now been added to your course. To add a Zaption lesson for students to take, return to the Course Materials page. Under the Add Materials dropdown menu near the top of the page, add an External Tool via the Add File/Link/External Tool link.

5) In this new window, simply select Zaption as your Tool Provider and specify the title. You may want to make this the title of the lesson you are going to select. Your configuration URL and keys will be automatically specified. Leave the Custom Parameters field empty.

6) If you would would like the Zaption lesson to return scores of the graded multiple choice items to the Schoology Gradebook, make sure you check Enable Grading.

Points: It will default to 100, but you can adjust this.
Category: You must select a category other than ungraded.
Select the Scale and Period of your choice.

7) Once you select Submit, the external tool will appear in your course. To select a lesson you would like students to take, just click the external tool. If you have not logged in to Zaption yet, you will be prompted to login. From then on your Schoology account and Zaption account will be linked and you will not have to sign-in again.

8) Once you’ve logged in to Zaption, you will have the opportunity to select the lesson you would like students to view. You should see a page similar to the My Lessons page, but it will only include published lessons. When you rollover the lessons, it will say Select Lesson. Select the lesson you would like students to view.

9) On the student side, they will be able to take the lesson and respond to all questions, including the graded multiple choice questions.

10) Once the student has taken the lesson and received a score on the graded items, the grade will appear in your Gradebook. The responses will also be available in the Lesson Analytics on

Learn more about the Zaption Pro LTI integration here.

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