Moodle LTI Integration

As with other learning management systems (LMS), integrating Zaption into Moodle using our LTI key allows: Single Sign-On for all users between your LMS and Zaption, the ability to select and play specific Zaption lessons to assign to students, and the integration of scores from a Zaption lesson and Moodle’s gradebook.

1) When logged into Moodle as an admin you are able to add Zaption to your course.

From the Site Administration menu, select Plugins > Activity Modules > LTI, then select Manage External Tool types.

2) Click Add External Tool configuration and enter the appropriate Tool Settings credentials in the fields that appear.

Tool Name: Zaption
Tool base URL:
Consumer Key and Shared Secret: Your unique LTI keys

If you would like Zaption to integrate with Moodle’s gradebook, be sure to select Always from the Accept grades from the tool menu.

3) After you submit your credentials, Zaption will now appear as an External Tool.

4) To add a Zaption lesson for students to take, go to Courses, turn on editing, and select Add an activity or resource.

5) From the Add activity modal, select External Tool.

6) You will then fill out the information for the External Tool.

If you would like the scorable items to be returned to Moodle’s gradebook, be sure to assign a point value in the Grades section.

Name: (this could be the name of the lesson you plan to add)
External Tool type: Automatic, based on launch URL
Launch URL:

Once you select Save and display, the external tool will appear in your course.

Note: If you are having trouble with this step, select "Show more..." to make sure the correct information was carried over by Moodle. Certain browsers can auto-fill these fields with incorrect information.

7) To select a lesson you would like students to take, just click the external tool.

If you have not logged in to Zaption yet, you will be prompted to login. From then on your Moodle account and Zaption account will be linked and you will not have to sign-in again.

Once you’ve logged in to Zaption, you will have the opportunity to select the lesson you would like students to view. You should see a page similar to the My Lessons page, but it will only include published lessons. When you rollover the lessons, it will say Select Lesson.

8) Select the lesson you would like students to view and the lesson will be added to the course.

9) On the student side, they will be able to take the lesson and respond to all questions, including the graded multiple choice questions.

The very first time a student clicks on a Zaption lesson added with the LTI in Moodle, they will be asked to create an account or login. For that point on their Moodle and Zaption accounts will be linked.

10) Once students have taken the lesson and received a score on the graded items, the grade will appear in your Gradebook.

The responses will also be available in the Lesson Analytics on

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