Blackboard LTI Integration

As with other learning management systems (LMS), integrating Zaption into Blackboard using our LTI key allows: Single Sign-On for all users between your LMS and Zaption, the ability to select and play specific Zaption lessons to assign to students, and the integration of scores from a Zaption lesson into Blackboard’s gradebook. Zaption must be added as an LTI Tool Provider at the Administrator level. The following documentation is for Blackboard version 9.1 SP 11+.

Before starting, be sure your Blackboard instance allows for LTI Tools to be configured. Learn more here.

Adding Zaption to Blackboard as an LTI Tool Provider

1) On the Administrator Panel, under Building Blocks, click Building Blocks.

2) Select LTI Tool Providers.

3) Select Register Provider Domain.

4) Enter the Zaption Settings:

  • Type the Provider Domain:
  • Select the Provider Domain Status:­ Approved
  • Select Set Globally and enter the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret (the LTI keys).
  • The Institution Policies section pulls preferences from the Global Settings configured above. We recommend selecting:
    Send User Data: Send User data over SSL
    User Fields to Send: Name and Email Address

Add Zaption as an LTI Placement

After adding a new LTI provider, it appears on the LTI providers list. From here, you can manage the placement of the tool in Learn.

1) From the LTI Tool Providers page (System Admin panel > Building Blocks > LTI Tool Providers), access the contextual menu for Zaption and select Manage Placements.
Click Create Placement.

2) Enter “Zaption” for the Label. (This is the name that appears to end users in a course.)

3) Add a description and Handle.
Example Description: Zaption’s video learning platform enables students, teachers and trainers to create engaging, interactive videos that deepen understanding and track learning.
Example Handle: zaption_lti (This must be unique as it becomes the database entry.)

4) Select Content Type and choose the Tools menu. Check the box next to Placement Allows Grading if you would like to take advantage of Zaption’s Gradebook integration. If it isn’t already there, add the Zaption icon for the tool. Once can be downloaded here.

5) Type in the Tool Provider Information. This is the same information you added when you created the Zaption LTI Tool.
Tool Provider URL:
Tool Providers Key and Secret: Your unique LTI keys

Your instructors and students will now be able to access Zaption!

Add Zaption to a Course

Once the Blackboard administrator has created an LTI Placement (Learn SP 10+), then instructors can add Zaption to their course.

1) Navigate to your course and select Content.

2) Choose Tools and select Zaption from the dropdown menu.

3) Add a Name and Description of the content. This can be the lesson title and instructions to view the Zaption lesson. You will select the lesson later. If you would like the graded questions in the lesson to return to the gradebook, select Yes for Enable Evaluation. Then Submit.

4) When returned to the course, select the Tool you just created. If you haven’t done done so already, you will be asked to login to Zaption. This will only happen the first time you use Zaption within Blackboard.

5) Select the lesson you would like to add. Note that only your published lessons are visible.

6) The lesson will be added to the course and your students will be able to view and respond to questions.

Special thanks to our friends at Arizona State University for sharing Blackboard with us!


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