Community Management - LTI Integration

The LTI integration allows Communities to integrate their Zaption lessons into an LMS, like Canvas or Blackboard.

Each community will have a unique Consumer Key and Shared Secret, which can be set-up at the system level of the LMS. This unique LTI key places anyone who signs up for Zaption, such as creating an account for the first time they watch a Zaption lesson in Canvas, into the community. 

The LTI integration will work with any application that accepts LTI Keys. Learn more about setting up your LTI and gradebook integration for Canvas, Moodle, Schoology, and Blackboard

Unless a custom LDAP/SSO integration has been added to the  site license, users who access one of the lessons through this LTI key will have to create an account/login the very first time they click on a Zaption lesson in the LMS. After this initial link, they will be automatically logged into Zaption through the LMS. However, we do offer an LTI auto-provisioning option.

All users who create an account/login through the LTI are automatically added to your Community.

Community Admins are able to select which role (Author or Viewer) students will join the Community through the LTI key from the dropdown menu in this tab.

All Community Admins can access the community-wide LTI key from the LMS Integration tab in their account.


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