Share to Google Classroom

Google Apps for Education users can now share lessons directly from Zaption to their Google Classroom.
Click here for a video tutorial.

Once you’ve published a lesson, click the Share button and you will find the Share to Google Classroom icon at the bottom. When you click it, you will be prompted to login to your Google Apps for Education account.

Next, choose your class and whether you would like to create an assignment or an announcement, then click Go. On the next page, you can edit the name of assignment, add a description, and select a due date. 

You can assign the lesson immediately or save it as a draft for later. Click View to see your Classroom Stream and select the Zaption lesson link to open the assignment in a new tab. That’s it! The lesson is now available for students to view in your Google Classroom. Just another easy way to share Zaption with others!

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