Math Formatting

Authors are able to add equations, formulas, and mathematical expressions while creating a lesson. The math formatting options can be added to Text Slides or any question field where text formatting is available. To bring up the math editor, click into a text field and select the ∑ symbol in the text formatting menu.

Numbers and standard mathematical symbols can be entered into this box. Fractions can be added by using the / key, and exponents can be added with the ^ key.

In addition to adding numbers, symbols, and keyboard shortcuts, the math editor accepts LaTeX. More information about the LaTeX markup language can be found at

While it's currently not possible to add math formatting to Multiple Choice or Checkbox options with the Zaption editor, you are able to insert "Emoji & Symbols" from the Edit menu of an Apple computer.


Alternatively, mathematical expressions can be used in Multiple Choice and Checkbox elements with the help of a Text Slide. Simply add the options to the Text Slide with a letter or number and ask the viewers to select the corresponding number from the Multiple Choice or Checkbox element.


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