Community Management - Video Upload

Site license users are able to upload video directly to Zaption's servers. Community Admins are able to manage the number of minutes each community member can upload from the Video Upload tab of the Community Management panel. 

Each Community receives 30 hours of Zaption video upload time to start. However, please contact if you are interested in purchasing more upload time. Communities will receive 30 additional hours each year the site license is renewed. Upload time is different than storage time. For example, if the community uploads 6 hours of video, there will be 24 hours of remaining upload time even if the video is deleted. Videos uploaded will remain stored in your Zaption account unless you delete them.

The amount of video each person is allowed to upload can be set by the Admin between 5 minutes and 30 hours. The ability to upload video can be restricted to Admins Only, Instructors and Admins, or opened up to Everyone in the community. By default, all Instructors and Admins are able to upload video to Zaption.

Learn more about how to upload video to Zaption in this Help Center article.

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