Can I embed Zaption into a Google Site?

Yes! Given the Zaption player’s special width, there are a few custom settings we recommend for the best viewing experience when embedding a Zaption lesson into a Google Site.

Custom Site Width:

From the site options menu, select Edit site layout.

Change the Site Width to a custom size of 1300px.

If you have a sidebar, we recommend adjusting the width to 180px or smaller.

Adding iFrame Gadget:

Once the site width is adjusted, the Zaption lesson can be added as an iFrame gadget. After creating the page where the lesson will be embedded, open the Insert menu and select More gadgets…

Search for iFrame and add this gadget to your page.

Back on, open the Share menu for the lesson. In the iFrame embed box, copy the iFrame URL (// to the clipboard, which is highlighted in this image.

Return to the Google Site to set-up the iFrame gadget, pasting the embed URL as the URL to content and leave the Display scrollbar as Automatic. Adjust the Display width to 100%, and a height of 500 pixels. We recommend unchecking the options and leaving the View option set to Default.

For the best display, we recommend using the center justification setting for the gadget.

Once the gadget is saved, the embedded Zaption lesson will have enough room to fully expand on the page.

An example can be found on this Google Site page

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