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What is Zaption Presenter?
With Zaption Presenter, any video lesson you've created and published can be projected at the front of the room or streamed live for online presentations. Viewers join the presentation on their own devices to respond individually as they watch together. Instructors get real-time data and can add questions on the fly. Even better, with only the instructor's computer playing the video lesson, Presenter requires less bandwidth and works even when student filters are turned on. See it in action in this interactive video tutorial!

How do I use Presenter?
Zaption Presenter can be used in a face-to-face setting by projecting a video lesson at the front of a room. Presenter can also be used during online presentations. In either scenario, an unlimited number of viewers can join the presentation on their own devices, but respond individually while watching together.

When the presentation is started, the interactive elements and questions will pause the video, prompting the viewers to respond on their device. The instructor is able to see how many responses have been submitted and use the lock feature to prevent anyone else from responding. All responses from each viewer are captured in real-time in Analytics. With Presenter, instructors can display the anonymous responses to each question during the presentation, allowing participants to have a discussion as a group before moving on.

Zaption Presenter can be used with an interactive lesson that you have published ahead of time, or you can simply add a video without adding interactivity before presenting to viewers. Either way, you’re able to add questions on the fly. With only the instructor's computer playing the video lesson, Presenter requires less bandwidth and works even when student filters are turned on. 

Currently, Zaption Presenter does not integrate with Zaption's iOS Mobile Player app.

Click here to learn more about the technical requirements of Zaption Presenter. 

Starting a Presentation
When you’re ready to present a published video lesson to a group of viewers, Presenter mode can be accessed from the lesson thumbnail on the My Lessons page or the Present button of the lesson page.

Once in Presenter mode, the join link and the presenter code will be projected to viewers. Viewers will go to the join link ( and enter the code. More information on how viewers will join a presentation can be found in this Help Center article.

The presentation code is unique for each individual Zaption user and will remain the same for each time that user presents an interactive video lesson, but the viewer responses of each presentation session can be filtered in the Analytics.

Joining a Presentation
Viewers can easily join any presentation in three steps:

  1. Go to in a browser on any device.
  2. Enter the 5 character Presenter Code displayed on the start screen, or in the lower right corner once the presentation has started.
  3. Enter name or login to an existing Zaption account in order for the instructor to track the responses submitted during the presentation.

Once viewers have joined the presentation, they will wait for the instructor to click Start Presentation.

Full instructions for viewing a presentation can be found in the Help Center article: How to View a Zaption Presentation

During a Presentation
After viewers have joined and you’re ready to begin, click Start Presentation. 
Instructors are able to present any interactive video lessons they have created or are listed as an editor. Learn more about creating an interactive video lesson in this tutorial.

Just like viewing a video lesson individually, the presentation will automatically pause when an interactive element is reached on the video timeline. The elements, including questions, will appear over the video that is being projected. Viewers who have joined the presentation will be prompted to respond to the question on their own device.

In addition to seeing the number of the viewers who have submitted a response, instructors have additional features for each question element.

Lock/Unlock - Instructors can lock/unlock a question to prevent viewers from submitting responses. This is helpful for discussing the question before allowing viewers to respond or if the correct answer as already been revealed to the group.

Show Responses - Once viewers have submitted answers, the instructor can project the anonymous responses to the group. This allows the group to have a discussion about the responses without potentially embarrassing a viewer. Of course, all responses for each viewer can be found in the Analytics.

Presenter Tools
Instructors also have access to several tools that can be used at any point during the presentation.

Viewer Questions - When viewers are watching the presentation, they will have the option to type a question or comment for the instructor. This icon will notify the instructor each time a viewer submits a comment. Clicking the icon will bring up a histogram on the presentation timeline so instructors can quickly see where viewers were confused or entered questions.

Quick Question - This tool allows you to add a question to the presentation in real-time. By selecting this feature, the instructor can ask an Open Response question or take a quick poll with the Thumbs Up/Down question. The responses to these questions will be saved in the Analytics of that presentation, but the questions will not be saved on the timeline for subsequent presentations.

Pointer - This feature allows instructors to draw attention to something in the screen. The pointer can remain on the screen while the video is playing.

Marker - Clicking the Marker tool will automatically pause the video and allow instructors to draw on the video - just link the Drawing element. Circle something of interest on the screen and have a discussion while the video is paused. When the group is ready to move on, just click play and the drawing will be removed.

Resuming a Presentation
A new presentation session starts when you click Start Presentation. If you exit the presentation before finishing and do not click End, you will be able to resume the same session up to an hour after the initial start. Of course, you can start a new presentation using the same interactive lesson at any time. Each individual Presenter session can be filtered by date and time in the Analytics of the interactive video lesson.

After the Presentation
Once the video has ended, click End on the lesson page. This will allow the viewers to rate the presentation and review their responses.

All of the responses collected during the presentation will be available to the instructors in the Analytics. The filter allow instructors to see viewer responses for a specific presentation session. Each session is categorized by the date and time it was started.

Tips for using Presenter:

  • For better readability, add all of the interactive elements over the video, instead of the right sidebar, when creating an interactive video lesson that will be used with Presenter.
  • While the Drawing feature of Presenter allows you to quickly annotate something during the presentation, the viewers will not be able to submit Drawn Response questions.
  • Pictures added to Image Slides will scale for the larger Presenter screen, but we recommend using the highest quality image possible.
  • Don’t have time to add interactivity before the presentation? Just add a video and publish the lesson without adding elements, then use the Quick Question feature to add interactivity on the fly.
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