Viewer Names on Shared Devices

By default, Zaption only requires viewers to enter their name prior to viewing a lesson. However, this can be an issue when viewers are using shared devices. Of course, it's important for viewers to respond to interactive elements under their own name. While Pro users are able to require viewers to login, viewers are able to confirm the name they are responding as from the start lesson screen.

There is an option on the start screen that allows the viewer to change the name of the viewer who is responding.

Alternatively, you may consider instructing viewers to open the lesson in an incognito or private browser window each time they view a lesson. This should give each viewer the What's Your Name? modal because the name of the previous student will not be saved. 

Finally, it may be worth adding a Text Slide at the very beginning of a lesson to remind viewers to change the response name before viewing the lesson. 

If viewers are using the Zaption iOS Mobile Player app, the name will be reset if the application is completely closed between viewers. 

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