YouTube Filter Bypass

If YouTube is blocked on your local network, individual Zaption instructors can choose to manually bypass network filters, so they can use educational YouTube videos in their lessons. When this feature is enabled, students can access teacher-approved YouTube videos as part of any Zaption video lesson created and shared by an adult instructor. 

This feature is only available to adult instructors, and it should only be used with the permission of a school or district administrator. Student accounts cannot turn off YouTube filters for lessons they create.

To enable this feature, go to the account settings menu (click the arrow next to your name in the top right corner), select "My Account" and choose the "YouTube Filter Bypass" tab. Zaption will run a quick test to see if the current network blocks YouTube. If so, toggle the "Allow YouTube videos" button to ON to allow students/viewers to access YouTube video lessons created by your instructor account. If you toggle it back to OFF, then YouTube videos will no longer be viewable in any of the video lessons you created.

Note: For security and safety purposes, this is an "all or nothing" setting. You cannot enable YouTube videos to work in some lessons and not in others. You can, however, turn it on temporarily and turn it back off when YouTube videos are no longer needed.

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