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As one of our migration options prior to our September 30th shutdown, Zaption is offering the download of standalone lessons. Standalone lessons are mini web pages that allow you to keep your lessons viewable (with full interactivity) after Zaption shuts down. You can download a standalone lesson by going to the lesson and clicking the "Standalone Lesson" button below the player. You can also download all of your lessons at once by clicking "Export Data" at the top of any page, then selecting the Standalone Lesson option.

After you download a standalone lesson, you need to rehost the entire folder on any web server to present it to your students. Hosting options include BitBalloonBluehost, Dreamhost, GitHub Pages, or your host of choice. Note that you can't just open the downloaded files on your computer directly - it must be hosted on a web server to be usable. Also note that standalone lessons will not save any viewing data or question responses.

If you are using Blackboard, you may be able to upload your Zaption standalone lessons directly into Blackboard, without using a third-party web host. See this article for step-by-step instructions.

Zaption can't provide support for web hosting, so if you run into issues trying to host the standalone lesson files, please contact your school IT staff or the web host themselves for assistance.

Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will show you how to download a lesson and put it up on BitBalloon to be used after Zaption shuts down. Note that BitBalloon is only one of many hosting choices, and we don't specifically endorse it.

  1. Download your standalone lesson by going to the lesson’s page, then clicking the “Standalone Lesson” button below the player.
  2. Navigate to BitBalloon:
  3. Drag and drop the ZIP file you just downloaded onto the BitBalloon homepage, where it says “Drag Your Site Folder Here”.
  4. Wait as your site is processed. Then you will be taken to a landing page for your lesson.
  5. Click on the large blue link (ending in to access your lesson. This is the link you can share with your viewers, or embed into your LMS or website using an iFrame.
  6. Important: your lesson will be deleted after one day unless you sign up for a free account with BitBalloon. Scroll down on the landing page to find options for signup. We recommend using Persona unless you have a GitHub account.
  7. You can also edit your BitBalloon URL, make it private, or put it on your own domain. Some of these features may require purchasing a paid BitBalloon subscription.


Webhooks (for developers only)

While generally standalone lessons will not save any viewing data or question responses, there is a way for advanced users with programming experience to store data from standalone lessons. If you are not comfortable writing code, this is not for you!

Before downloading a standalone lesson, you can set up a webhook URL, where the data will be sent to as the lesson is viewed. To set a webhook URL, just click the webhook icon to the right of the standalone lesson button, enter your webhook URL, and click Save. You can also just add it as a property "webhookURL" in the config.json file of any standalone lesson.

Developers can learn more about implementing webhooks in this Help Center article.

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